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Frump's first full-length CD: Play Nice
Price: $15 + free shipping*


  1. Pick Up Your Socks - Mary Hestand and Frump
  2. Drop Dead Gorgeous - Suzie Riddle
  3. Why Didn't You Tell Me? - Suzie Riddle
  4. Trailer Park Living - Mary Hestand
  5. Strawman - Frances Peterson and Deborah Wormser
  6. Vasectomy - words by Suzie Riddle (a parody of "Teenage Lobotomy" by the Ramones)
  7. Shove It - by Frump (This song was inspired by Theresa Heinz Kerry, whom we admire because she speaks up for herself in five languages!)
  8. Mommies Are People - originally by Carol Hall for "Free To Be You and Me," adapted by Frump
  9. Sleeping Beauty - Mary Hestand
  10. Library - words by Suzie Riddle (a parody of "Vasectomy" which is a parody of Teenage Lobotomy" by the Ramones)
  11. We're Really Beat - words by Frances Peterson (parody of "We Got the Beat" by the Go-Go's)

plus free bonus disc: Stop Laughing at Me
Suzie Riddle and Mark Ridlen with Frump

Great Frump t-shirts!
Black with pink letters.
Price: $20 + free shipping*

There are several styles to choose from:

Men's size XL

Hanes "silver" women's style scoop neck T-shirts. They run extremely small!
Sizes L=Medium, XL=L, 2X=L+, 3X=XL

Also kid's shirt: pink with black writing, or black with pink writing.
Sizes S, M, L

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Documentary video: "Frump: Moms Just Gotta Make Noise"
Price: $25 + free shipping*
By Brad Vanderburg, 2002. 20 minutes.

Buttons and bumper stickers
"FRUMP YOU" bumper sticker $1.50 + free shipping*
Rosie the Riveter Frump pin $1.50 + free shipping*

Price: $50 + free shipping*
CD, T-shirt, video, button & bumper sticker, plus autographed photo.